The Ultimate Guide to Smart Speakers

The Ultimate guide to smart speaker

Smart speakers are incredibly versatile. A lot of people use them only to play music, which is such a limited application of this gadget. They can make calls, set alarms, control all the smart devices in your home, and even play fun games with you. There are some excellent options in the market, and it…

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How to add Pandora to Sonos?

How to add Pandora on Sonos

Are you trying to add Pandora on Sonos? It would have been futile if you had been doing these two to three years back. Pandora was once discontinued from the Sonos list of music services. However, it was just for a short period. The very thing to note while adding any music service to Sonos…

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What Is SonosNet? What You Need To Know

What Is SonosNet

No, SonosNet is not a Sonos product or any smart speaker. It is a technical word that only technicians will understand. A big No again. Here is debugging the hype around SonosNet and making it simple for everyone to understand. Further reading: What is Sonos? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Wireless Sound System…

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Can Alexa Call For Help?

Can Alexa Call For Help

Can Amazon Alexa save a life like other smart devices in reports these days? In the year 2017, Alexa did help in saving a girlfriend from his violent partner by calling 911. The news was reported by Fox2 now, CNN, and Tribune Media as well. At that time, the Alexa speaker, Amazon Echo, worked randomly at…

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Bluesound Vs Sonos: What Is The Difference?

Bluesound Vs Sonos

Sonos has been on the top of the smart speakers’ market over the past few years now. Many competitors, including Google and other well-known brands, are trying to keep up with its pace by launching speakers with similar specifications. However, they lack somewhere or the other. We bet you didn’t miss the current news where…

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How To Turn On/Off Sonos Roam?

How To Turn OnOff Sonos Roam

Got a Sonos Roam recently? Stuck on how to turn on/off Sonos Roam? No, worries! Find the power button at the back of the device and press it once to turn it on. Then, press the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off completely. What is Sonos Roam? Sonos Roam is a recent…

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Can Sonos Beam Connect To TV Wirelessly?

Can Sonos Beam Connect To A TV Wirelessly

No, you can connect Sonos Beam to TV wirelessly using Wi-Fi. There are no workaround procedures as well. What is Sonos Beam? Sonos Beam is a soundbar for smart TV by the trendy brand Sonos. Sonos is known for introducing the world to multi-room music functionality. You can control it with your voice with voice…

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How To Connect Sonos Arc To TV?

How To Connect Sonos Arc To A TV

Sonos Arc can be connected to a TV only through HDMI eARC or optical cable. For the best sound performance, it should be connected through HDMI eARC cable that the soundbar is accompanied with. But what if your TV doesn’t have the HDMI eARC port? What if your TV is old and does not support…

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