How To Reset Sonos Speakers (All Versions)

How to reset Sonos - livingspeaker 00

Sonos speakers come with compatible voice commands and excellent sound control. Naturally, if you have one of the 8 power speakers from the product line, they get put to good use daily. The product line of the company currently boasts of the following: Smart speakers: Move, One, One SL, Play 5 Soundbar: BEAM and ARC…

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How To Connect Sonos To WiFi

How To Connect Sonos To WiFi paner

Sonos has an exclusive range of speakers. Whether you are looking for something to fit into compact spaces, or something big enough to hold your TV, you can get the perfect speaker for your style. If you are wondering how to connect Sonos to WiFi without an Ethernet cable, let us tell you – it…

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Can Alexa change TV channels?

Can Alexa change TV channels

As we move towards more flexible remote commands, technology innovators have been quick with their response. I mean, who would contest the efficiency of Alexa from simple Googling to music streaming and whatnot. Because of this efficiency, Amazon is releasing new capabilities for Alexa, their digital brain. Perhaps you have been wondering if Alexa can…

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